Frequently asked questions for Cincy Limousine

Are we required to tip our driver?

You are not required to tip your driver! However, if you feel as though they did a wonderful job, we highly encourage it and they will appreciate it.

Can we drink in the vehicle?

You can absolutely drink in the vehicle as long as you and your guests meet the minimum drinking age requirements.

Are we allowed to smoke inside the vehicle?

Unfortunately we do not allow for smoking of any kind inside the vehicles in order to keep them as fresh as possible and to respect our non smoking customers. However, our drivers will stop at any time you need for a smoke break.

Would a party bus or limousine be better for me?

It all depends! A party bus is better if you’re looking for more partying space on board, whereas a limousine offers a classic appearance. It’s up to you!

Where do you recommend going for other limo companies?

We have some great options including Limos in Memphis and Limos in Richmond VA. They are all highly recommended. If you need a party bus a good options is Party Bus in Cincy.