Cincy Videographer

Videography is a growing field and many people are beginning to see the advantages of having a videographer at their wedding in addition to a photographer. Obviously, a photographer can capture some amazing still images of moments in time during your wedding experience. But a videographer can capture an entire timeline and this can be extremely valuable for those times when you feel like seeing more than just a still. However, as with every craft or artistic endeavor, there are some really high quality videographers out there and there are some very poor quality videographers and everything in-between. Your task is to find someone in the Cincinnati area that can provide you with exactly what you want for a price that you can afford. Here are some tips to finding that perfect pro.

Similar to photographers, various videographers have different styles in the way they shoot an event. You want to make sure that you hire the professional whose style matches what you are looking for. For example, documentary style videographers shoot a wedding in such a way that presents the day in a chronological fashion and without a lot of special effects. There are other styles employed like cinematic film style. Read up on all of the options and when you talk to a potential videographer, have a long talk about their style. But again, make sure you only hire someone who has the same style that you do.

We cannot stress enough that you should take your search for a videographer as seriously as you do your photographer. So, in order to make that happen, you need to start your search as soon as possible, in fact, as soon as you are engaged. The really great videographers have their calendar fill up very quickly so if you wait until the last second, you may be left holding the bag and end up with someone who is average at best. When you do start your search, a great place to look is Vimeo. This is where many videographers post their work so you will be able to take a peep at what they can do. You can also search by location so you will be able to see which ones are in the Cincinnati area. Another potential source for names is your wedding photographer.

You will want to visit any potential videographer at their studio and talk about what you have in mind. Make sure that they are respectful and listen to you as you are talking about your vision and your plans. While there, ask to see a full video so you can get a sense of how they work and what their style is. If you find someone you really get along with and you like their style and their price, ask them to draw up a contract. The contract should cover how long the videographer will be at your wedding venues. Also, if you want a second shooter, make sure that is spelled out. If you don't see something listed in the contract that you know you want for sure, mention it to the videographer. Now is the time to get everything straightened out, you don't want any misunderstandings.

One last tip, once you hire someone and have signed the contract, trust the decision you have made. You have hired them because they are a professional and they are someone who can provide you with the style of shooting and final products that you will be satisfied with. So, rest easy with your choice and let them operate on your wedding day. When you receive your final product, you will be able to boast of both great photography and amazing video footage of your special day.

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