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Have you ever had a more important day in your life than your wedding? We realize that it is only one day, but it is going to change the course of your lives. You are standing up and saying your vows before family and friends while you look into the eyes of the love of your life. This isn't just any old day. So, you want to make sure that the day is special and that you and your guests have the best time possible. We realize that much of wedding planning is about details and one very important detail is where you are going to hold your reception. The Cincinnati area has some of the best venues in the country for you to consider. Once you have found the place for you, the rest of your plans will fall into place. But what should you look for in the perfect reception site? Here are some helpful hints for when you go shopping for the perfect venue for you.

One of your first considerations is to make sure that the venue is large enough for everyone and everything that you are going to have at your reception. This includes all of your guests, live music, buffet lines, tables, chairs, a bar area, dance floor, etc. Our recommendation is that you make sure the room is large enough to provide everyone with some breathing space so that your guests don't feel squeezed in anyway. When you go for a site visit of the venues you are considering, you will want to make sure you have a talk about this with the the venue representative. Also, ask about how they have seen other groups divide up the area in terms of space.

Another consideration that a lot of people don't think of is privacy. Talk to any potential venue that you are considering about what kind of security they have at their venue. Is there more than one room at the banquet hall you are looking at? If so, are the rooms sound proof or will you possibly hear the guests talking in the room next to yours. If there are multiple rooms, you also run the risk of having a lot of people that are not from your wedding walking past your room constantly throughout the evening. If this bothers you, you will want to reconsider such an arrangement.

You will also want to consider the lighting situation in any room you consider. Lighting is much more important than you might think. If there is not enough light, your guests may struggle through dinner or out on the dance floor. In addition to the lighting, consider the décor of the room. What does it look like when you step into the area? Does it look classy and fit your wedding décor or does it look like it is a fixer upper? In addition, does the walls, curtains, carpet, etc. clash with your wedding them or color palette? Are there lots of places to plug in electronics? Keep in mind that your band or DJ will need a number of outlets as will your guests. What are the acoustics like? You don't want that great live band you hired to sound echoey to your guests. Some other considerations are whether there is ample parking for your guests. And what about the number of bathrooms, if you are going to have 200 or more guests at your wedding and there are only 2 toilets, this will obviously be unacceptable.

These are all great questions to ask in order to find a venue that you will be pleased with. One thing about the perfect venue is that you usually know it when you see it. As long as all of the above questions are answered to your satisfaction and the price is right, you will have a gut feeling about what is right for you. One last thing, for the venue you choose to go with, make sure that a contract is drawn up with all of the details of your rental so that you are protected.

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