Cincy Photographer

To ensure that you have a great wedding from start to finish, you are going to need to find and hire a number of quality professional wedding vendors. Out of all of your vendors, the two most important ones are your caterer and your photographer. Remember, this is your special day, perhaps the most important day of your life. You want to make sure that all of the special moments are preserved in a way that you can be proud of and that will spark great memories every time you look at the images. There is no doubt that the Cincinnati area has some amazingly talented wedding photographers, the question is, do you know which one is the vendor for your wedding? Here are a few tips that we hope will help you in your search.

We recommend that before you even start your search that you educate yourself on what a good wedding photographer brings to the table and especially read up on photographic styles. You need to determine what style is the one you love the most and then look for a photographer that specializes in that particular style. For instance, some photographers are very good at what is called documentary style. In this style, you will not see a lot of posed pictures, but instead the images captured are more spontaneous or action shots. This is considered capturing the moments as they happen. If you are interested in more of a traditional approach, portraiture might be the style you are interested in. In this style, you will see posed shots of you, your wedding party, and your guests. There is also a style known as fine art where the photographer takes a greater artistic license in terms of creative angles and how they see things through their photographic eye. And still one other style you might consider is referred to as edgy-bold. This is more outside of the box photography and would provide you with many different looks that are definitely not traditional, but give an edgy feel.

Once you have decided on the style you want, it is time to start looking for a specific photographer. You can look online for local photographers. Check out their individual websites to find out about their style and to check out their portfolio. Also, see if you can find any reviews that have been written about them. All of this information should help you in crafting a decent list of potential photographers that you want to consider. Call every name on your list and first see if they have your date available on their calendar. If they are not available, ask them if there is anyone they would recommend. If they are available, ask them for a meeting time where you can discuss your wedding and their background.

At the meeting, talk about your vision. Ask them if they have shot similar weddings in the past. Also, make sure that they bring a wedding album of their portfolio so you can check out the quality of their work and make a determination on whether you like their work or not. As you are looking through their albums ask them if they captured all of the moments that are important to you. If they did not, have a discussion about whether they would be willing to add your shots to their list. There is one other important issue to consider as you are getting to know the candidate. Do you like them? You want to make sure that they are likeable and that they treat you with respect. If they end up being a real grind to work with, your wedding day could turn into a very long affair. Lastly, check out their package deals. See if they have one that includes everything you want. If there is one that is very close, talk about what you can possibly have thrown in. When you find someone you really like that can provide you with exactly what you want, sign a contract and get ready for some great wedding images that will preserve your day's activities.

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