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Your wedding needs a professional DJ as badly as it needs a great wedding cake and an awesome wedding photographer. The venue is ready, now the entertainment option needs to be filled. Take it from us, a wedding DJ can make or break your reception. You don't want to see your guests screaming and running for the exits. You want to see them enjoying every moment and getting into the mood. A great Wedding DJ can make sure that this happens. If you aren't in the wedding DJ business, then you probably have a lot of questions and could use some help as to how to proceed in finding and hiring a great DJ in the Cincinnati area. Gather the information that we recommend below and it will help you to decide who is the right DJ for you and your special day.

The first thing you will want to do is gather a list of prospective wedding DJs. In Google, type in Best Cincinnati Wedding DJs or Award Winning Cincinnati DJs. For those that catch your eye, add them to your list. Another great source is another one of your wedding vendors. For instance, wedding photographers who work a lot of area weddings will have experienced many different DJs throughout their time and can recommend some higher quality ones. We offer a word of caution here. Be wary of any recommendations that your wedding venue might make to you, quite often these are paid for and not based on the actual quality of a DJs work. Some wedding venue actually have a preferred list of vendors that they are paid to push on clients. So, we wanted you to beware of this phenomenon.

Once you have a number of potential DJs to consider, look on the web for reviews associated with each specific DJ. This should help you to narrow the field somewhat. Another area to weigh is the actual DJ's website. Is it a professional presentation? Or does it exude a lack of professionalism? This may seem like a small thing, but when you are talking about something as competitive as the wedding DJ field, everything counts and they should want to put their best foot forward. Sometimes, DJs will post their prices and this is another factor that will help you determine whether you should keep them on your list or not. Something else you can do is type in the name of the DJ in Google. This will sometimes provide you with negative feedback that you might not find on a specific review site. Here is something a bit more unorthodox but it could help. Find out what kind of equipment each potential wedding DJ uses and type in the name and model numbers in Google. This should tell you whether your candidate uses top of the line equipment or if they have the bottom of the barrel as part of their toolbox.

Something else you could do is show your list to your wedding vendors that you have already hired. Who knows, a name on your list might be recognized by someone and they can provide a positive or negative review for you. Once you have your list pared down, call each one and if they have your wedding date available on their calendar, set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Go to the meeting prepared with specific questions that you need and want answered. Make sure that you actually like the person. And make sure that you are satisfied with their answers to your questions. If it comes down to a couple of choices, go with your gut. We wish you well with your search and hope this guide helps you in finding that perfect wedding DJ that will have your reception hopping. You can also find a good Wedding DJ in Detroit with our friends.

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