Cincy Cake

What are your main needs when it comes to your wedding cake? Most people would answer that they are interested in the decorative aspect and obviously taste. If you can satisfy both of those criteria, then it is safe to say that you will be satisfied. Other than listening to a great live band, it is the food and the cake that most of your guests will look forward to. You shouldn't have any problem finding a great baker in the Cincinnati area, the problem will be the process that you have to go through to find the perfect wedding cake that makes you happy. There are issues that you will want to be sure of before you book your wedding baker. So, in order to make sure your search goes we well as it possibly could, check out the guide we provided below. It should lead you to a wedding cake that you will be more than satisfied with.

Our first recommendation which we cannot state strongly enough is that you use a real bakery. By real bakery we are referring to a business that owns a commercial kitchen first of all. The bakery should also have insurance, operate in such a way where food safety is of the utmost importance, and have a health department certificate. When you talk to potential cake makers, ask them about their crew. Do they have a team of people so in case one person were to go down, there would be a backup to pick up the slack? This is much more important that you might at first think. If you hire a one person shop, you are taking a big risk in terms of your special day. Also, real bakeries usually make everything from scratch daily. Make sure this is the case. A word to the wise here. Avoid caterers and venue that pressure you to buy a cake from them. They usually tell you that you will be charged a large cutting fee if you do not. Keep in mind that they are not a real bakery so stay away from this kind of scenario. We also have some Michigan Wedding Cake options.

Do not hire anyone without tasting samples from their bakery. Before you go to your appointment, do some research by looking at a lot of different cakes on the internet. Try to figure out what you like in terms of shape, color, and type. What kind of decorations do you want on your cake? Do you want a groom's cake? How many servings do you want to provide for your guests? Decide on whether you want fondant or frosting. And while you are deciding all of these issues, keep your budget in mind. A budget will help each baker you talk to show you want they can do within your number. At the appointment, take a deep breath and just have some fun. Make sure that they provide samples that are representative of how your cake will actually taste. While you are sampling their wares, you can be discussing design issues.

Once you find a baker that you feel can design a cake that you will love and at the same time, provide a tasty delight to you and your guests, sit down and talk about the details. Most bakeries will commonly ask for a 50% deposit to reserve their services. Talk to your baker about what items you may need to provide them such as a topper or ribbons. But most importantly, make sure that every part of your agreement is put down in writing in contract form. Once you have went over the contract with a fine toothed comb, sign on the dotted line and you can rest easy with your choice. One last recommendation: enjoy every bite of your cake on your wedding day.

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Tiers of Sugar has many references from past clients to vouch for my quality, design, taste, and ease of working with. This establishment does not freeze their cakes, baking fresh and only what is ordered for each wedding on the week of the wedding.